Thank you ladies for the kind words and trust in my services smiley

"My skin care by Rachel has given my complexion a glowing and confident presence. I am proud to have Rachel's expertise and guidance to bring my facial care through my fifties into my sixties.” - Deborah M.

“Wrinkles zapped…hormonal acne creamed…face is truly glowing!  Every week someone tells me I “don’t look my age” and that’s with the products and care from Rachel.  Until I met Rachel, I never went to an Esthetician more than a few times and yet she’s been caring for my skin for over three years!  Thanks for the love!” - Donna M.

My relationship with Rachel is the most stable I have ever had with an Esthetician.  I am hypersensitive and need extra care with every product. Rachel took the time to evaluate what is right for my skin, and now I trust her decisions. Her place is pleasant and relaxing, but the most important of all (for me) is her knowledge, individualizing the treatment and sincere care.” - Diana G.

“Rachel is the absolute best when it comes to skin care!! She is very professional and has a soothing touch. She has helped me get on a good skin care routine that makes my skin look brighter and healthier! I look forward to my facials with Rachel every two weeks! The products she uses are top of the line and I always feel relaxed after my facials with her.” – Jennifer P.

“I wished I had found Rachel as my Esthetician many years earlier. Rachel's facial therapies and products have delivered significant results. Each visit is customized for what my complexion needs. The products support my daily facial care.” - Deborah M.

“Honestly, I thought I could handle my own skin care and not spend money on an Esthetician.  Growing older, I realized I needed more than what was over-the-counter. How exciting it is to find someone like Rachel who not only has the knowledge and experience about skin, but also the unique ability to listen to my needs and make suggestions how to keep my skin beautiful and glowing.  I appreciate her in so many ways!" - Donna M.



SKIN + RACHEL = heart