Rachel Cohen studied at McMurry University earning a Bachelor of Science with honors. Her skin care venture started with Clinique, but quickly became a Licensed Esthetician in Abilene Texas where Skin Care by Rachel was established. As an expert and respected authority in her field, she is a volunteer educational speaker on environmental impacts, prevention and improvement for the largest organ you have, your skin. Her husband’s final duty station brought her to Fort Worth Texas and finally to Phenix Salon Suites on Sunset Drive. 

Rachel’s international experiences include training across the US, Canada and Israel; Broadening her view and understanding of specialized techniques for different skin types. She regularly attends the annual International Esthetics and Spa Conference, receiving the industries latest techniques and premium products for her clients. She specializes in Custom facials, Lamprobe and Rezenerate services for a variety of skin types. Rachel's inspiring confidence, professional competency and proven results have galvanized the trust and satisfaction of her clients.

*Through her extensive skill development and infinite thirst for knowledge, Rachel has met the requirements twice over to be considered an expert in her field. This and her gift of a healing touch instills peace of mind and comfort in clients from all walks of life.

Love life today, leave regrets to yesterday, hope and  

faith for tomorrow. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Rachel Cohen


SKIN + RACHEL = heart