My gift is a healing touch.  

Today’s environment requires commitment to your skin. With demonstrated success treating complex skin conditions, you should expect extraordinary improvement and enjoy unique personalized care from an expert in the field of esthetics.

Overview of specialties include:

*CUSTOM FACIALS: The latest technology and premium products to meet specific skin type needs.

*LAMPROBE and CRYOPROBE: Precise treatment of minor skin conditions: http://www.lamskin.com/lamprobe.htm

*REZENERATE:  Skin care with zero down time: https://rezenerate.com/

*INTERVIEW: West FW LIFESTYLE Magazine. http://www.westfwlifestyle.com/2016/10/25/destination-for-beauty/

Training, experience and a skillful strategy is the edge at Skin Care by Rachel. As an Expert in my field, providing confidence through healthy treatment and guidance is my passion. You can be assured of time well spent whether on yourself, a friend or employee(s) award. 

Periodic checkups and physicals are important for your health. Your skin is no different and I can help start the rejuvenation process today. Schedule an appointment to discuss a plan to maximize the beauty in you. I look forward in getting to know you and providing exceptional service.

Best Regards,

Rachel Cohen

817 681 6890

SKIN + RACHEL = heart